Friday, November 23, 2018

Introducing your partner to your family ....

Introducing your romantic partner to your family (especially during the holidays) can be an exciting relationship milestone. If you're considering inviting a new partner to your home for the holidays, here are somethings you need to consider:

1. See what your partner thinks first.
2. Feel out your family.
3. Give your partner the rundown on family members and activities.
4. Tell whoever's cooking about your partner's dietary restrictions.
5 Pick and choose which activity to participate in.
6. Steer clear of controversial conversation topics.
7. Sneak in some alone time.

In short, it is a balancing act and your role is to make both sides feel comfortable.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Singapore Bridal Trends for 2019 and Beyond

The big news in November this year is the potential bankruptcy of David’s Bridal. For those who are unaware, David’s Bridal sells wedding and bridesmaid dresses and, with 300 stores nationwide, they are considered the largest wedding boutique in the United States.

What is significant for Singapore brides about the potential bankruptcy of David’s Bridal is that it demonstrates the trend towards more casual and lower-priced wedding dresses. Singapore, being a cosmopolitan city, is widely influenced by western trends. Our move towards simpler wedding gowns (and weddings) is fast becoming the norm and brides planning their weddings in 2019 and beyond need not apologize for their decision not to have the traditional wedding dinner at a 5-star hotel.

At SG Wedding Guru, we have long believed that the price of weddings in Singapore has become too exorbitant, and that couples should have a wedding which does not put them into unnecessary debt. 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2019

Timing is Everything! 

Date selections for wedding tea ceremony, signing of ROM marriage certificate or wedding dinner are essential as specifically selected dates ensure ceremonies are conducted smoothly and with rich blessings for the newly weds, their off-springs as well as the relationship between the families.

A milestone with auspicious dates will grow your love stronger as you grow older together.

Be blessed with eternal love from Yi Xin Simplified Yijing Academy.