Friday, October 15, 2010

Singapore Wedding Package: Designer Boutique vs One-Stop Boutiques

Designer wedding boutique vs One-Stop wedding boutique ...which one is better?

Honestly, neither type of wedding boutique can be said to be better than the other, as each type provides a distinctively different service to fulfill the different needs of the bride.

Designer boutiques with their designer owners provide personalized service with quality wedding gowns. Singapore brides that choose designer wedding boutiques can be assured of exclusivity and the satisfaction that comes with wearing a "branded" wedding gown.  Such exclusivity naturally comes with a price and brides can expect to generally pay more as additional services are “a la carte”.

In contrast, one-stop boutiques generally provide convenience over quality.  Due to the larger number of brides they handle, service is less personalized and exclusivity usually non-existent.  However for brides who lack the motivation to do it all themselves, the convenience afforded by a package is priceless.  In addition, as one-stop wedding boutiques are run as a business and their owner’s identity is not connected to the business, one-stop wedding boutiques are in general more responsive to changes in market trends. Their size and volume of business, also allows them to “import” overseas talents to move the market forward.

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