Saturday, October 30, 2010

Points to Note: Men's Suit


Unlike wedding and evening gowns, which can differ significantly in their designs, men’s suit designs are limited. They are either two-piece, three-piece or standard or mandarin collar.

Couples should note that most boutiques will charge additional for a three-piece as well as the mandarin collar. In addition, couples should note that all packages do not include the men’s shirt. Grooms can always opt to make the shirt with the boutique, or buy it ready-made from a department store.


Brides must note that there are service terms and conditions attached to every item and service provided for in the wedding package.  In fact, most of these terms and conditions are simply “industry practices” which boutiques often assume couples know and neglect to inform the clients up-front.  Not surprisingly, this is where the majority of misunderstandings occur between clients and boutiques and accusations of hidden costs arise. Such unpleasant events can easily be averted if boutiques took the trouble to explain and couples knew what to ask.

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