Friday, October 22, 2010

Points to Note about Wedding Gowns and Evening Gowns

Wedding Gowns and Evening Gowns
Due to the fact that there are numerous variables involved in the design and production of the wedding gown and evening gown, brides should not only ask to see the gowns produced to judge the quality of the workmanship, but also the sketches to judge the designer’s style.

In most wedding packages, the veil, gloves and trains are included in the package price. However, given that there are a variety of material weights and make of the fabrics used, brides should also ask to see samples of the material offered in their package.

As wedding boutiques price their package on the assumption of how much lace and beading an average wedding gown would have, any excess beyond "average" would be an incremental cost and clients are likely to be charged extra. Thus, if brides already have a rough idea of the wedding gown design, and know that it will require excessive use of lace or beadwork, they should highlight this requirements.


Brides must note that there are service terms and conditions attached to every item and service provided for in the wedding package.  In fact, most of these terms and conditions are simply “industry practices” which boutiques often assume couples know and neglect to inform the clients up-front.  Not surprisingly, this is where the majority of misunderstandings occur between clients and boutiques and accusations of hidden costs arise. Such unpleasant events can easily be averted if boutiques took the trouble to explain and couples knew what to ask.


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