Friday, October 15, 2010

Overview of Singapore's Bridal Industry

A rough count reveals that there are close to a hundred wedding boutiques in Singapore with a concentration of these boutiques along Tanjong Pagar Road. Generally speaking, boutiques located along Tanjong Pagar Road are considered more exclusive than their counterparts and brides can therefore expect to pay higher prices for packages there. 

Apart from the small number of neighborhood boutiques located in HDB estates, the Singapore bridal industry is broadly divided into two main categories – Designer Wedding Boutiques and One-Stop Wedding Boutiques.

Designer Wedding Boutiques

Designer wedding boutiques are, as the name implies, designer focused. These shops are mostly managed and run by the owners who are the designers themselves. Comparatively smaller set-ups, these boutiques have chosen to focus on their core competency of designing wedding gowns.

However, recognizing the market’s demand for convenience, designer wedding boutiques usually also offer packages via tie-ups with other service providers like wedding photographers, florists and make-up artists. Such tie-ups are purely for the convenience of their clients and the designer wedding boutiques do not earn commissions but low referral fees (if at all) from their recommendations.

Always sensitive of the need to maintain their artistic integrity and professional reputation, designer wedding boutiques are extremely careful in their choice of partners. Brides can therefore be assured that any service providers recommended are reputable and are of relatively high standards.

One-Stop Wedding Boutiques

One-stop wedding boutiques, on the other hand, are predominantly owned by businessmen and are usually managed by a team made up of professional sales personnel, make-up artists, wedding photographers and production staff. Set-up to cater to the bride's need for convenience, these shops offers everything with their in-house teams.

Accepting their inability to compete with designer wedding boutiques in terms of the quality and design of the wedding gowns, one-stop wedding boutiques choose instead to focus on their ability to offer clients convenience. The wedding gown designers and wedding photographers employed by these boutiques are therefore usually of average ability and are employed more based on their ability to contribute to the boutiques' bottom-line than on their talents.

Run as a business, one-stop wedding boutiques' packages provide every service with profit in mind. As a result, services offered are usually those that are able to satisfy the demands of the majority of brides, but at the same time providing the company with the highest profit margins.

Which one is better ... ?  Read my next blog posting to find out more.

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