Monday, October 18, 2010

What's in a Wedding Package

As the name implies, a wedding package will provide everything a couple needs for a “standard” wedding. In Singapore, weddings are usually one-day events starting from when the groom picks up the bride in the morning and ends with a wedding dinner at a hotel. As such, a standard wedding package will include the following items:

a. Attire: This includes the Wedding Gown, Evening Gown and Men’s Suit

b. Hair and Make-up: A Trial Session, Pre-Wedding Photography (Studio) Session and twice on the Actual Day

c. Bridal Car and Car Decorations: Mercedes E200, One set of decorations for the wedding car and two sets for the accompanying cars

d. Wedding Flowers: One hand bouquet and two corsages for the actual wedding day

e. Wedding Photography: Pre-Wedding Photography (inclusive of outdoor photography session), One 12-page wedding album, One portrait and 4R “giveaways”

Depending on the price of the wedding package, variations to the above package can be expected. 
Such variation will be found in the following four areas .... (click here)

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