Friday, November 5, 2010

Points to Note: Car Decorations

Car Decorations

Similar to the men’s suit, car decorations do not vary much in terms of design. They however can vary in terms of the material used. In recent years, satin has becoming increasingly popular. Satin, however, being significantly more costly than netting is seldom provided for in the standard packages.

Couples should also note that because of the heat generated by the engine and the impact of the wind on the decorations when the car moves, hood ornaments must be made of plastic flowers. The choice of “flowers” is therefore limited to those produced by the manufacturers.

If the couple has opted to use their own car as the bridal car, the boutique will do the tying for them. This however is done at the boutique. Request for the boutique to do the tying on location will usually not be acceded to. In the event that the boutique does agree, couples should expect to pay a service charge.


Brides must note that there are service terms and conditions attached to every item and service provided for in the wedding package.  In fact, most of these terms and conditions are simply “industry practices” which boutiques often assume couples know and neglect to inform the clients up-front.  Not surprisingly, this is where the majority of misunderstandings occur between clients and boutiques and accusations of hidden costs arise. Such unpleasant events can easily be averted if boutiques took the trouble to explain and couples knew what to ask.

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