Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Points to Note: Wedding Hair and Make-Up

Wedding Hair and Make-Up

Structured for the main purpose of selling additional photographs, one-stop wedding boutiques spare little expense in ensuring high sales in this area. Recognizing that the studio make-up artist is crucial in ensuring that the bride looks good in her photographs, one-stop wedding boutiques employ top-quality make-up artist for their studio. However quality comes at a price and, being profit driven, one-stop wedding boutiques employ make-up artists of lower caliber to do the wedding day make-up.

Singapore brides should note that the studio make-up artist would usually do the make-up trial provided for in the package. This serves the twin purpose of reassuring the bride of the quality of the make-up artist and, more importantly, allows the studio make-up artist to study the bride’s features before hand, thereby ensuring better make-up and more saleable pictures.

Brides should note that no trial will be provided for for the wedding day’s make-up artist. Such trial, should the bride insist on it, will incur additional costs.  Brides should also note that most make-up artists supplement their income by making it “compulsory” for the bride to buy false eyelashes and facial toners from them. Although there are no hard and fast rules to this, brides are advised to check with the boutique if this is a practice with the boutique.


Brides must note that there are service terms and conditions attached to every item and service provided for in the wedding package.  In fact, most of these terms and conditions are simply “industry practices” which boutiques often assume couples know and neglect to inform the clients up-front.  Not surprisingly, this is where the majority of misunderstandings occur between clients and boutiques and accusations of hidden costs arise. Such unpleasant events can easily be averted if boutiques took the trouble to explain and couples knew what to ask.

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