Sunday, December 12, 2010

Points to Note: Pre-Wedding Photography

The pre-wedding studio and outdoor photography sessions are usually completed within the same day. Although some boutiques use different photographers for the studio and the outdoor, this has no implication on the quality of their work.

Some couples request to do the studio and outdoors on separate days. This is not advisable as there are no real benefits to be gained. In fact, a photography session is extremely tiring and couples will end up dreading the second session. In addition to that, such request will incur additional costs, as the make-up artist will have to do the bride’s hair and make-up an additional time.

Another common misconception with couples is that the make-up artist will follow the couple for the outdoor session. Being in only one outfit for the outdoor session (usually the wedding gown), any touch-up or adjustments to the bride’s make-up can be handled by the photographer and his assistant.

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