Sunday, December 12, 2010

Points to Note: Wedding Over 2 Days

As mentioned earlier, standard wedding packages assume the entire wedding event occurs on the same day. Package prices are therefore based on this assumption and calculated accordingly. Therefore couples holding their wedding over two separate days can expect to incur additional costs.

Additional costs, in this instance, will usually be for the make-up artists and actual day photographer (if hired). This additional cost is necessary as, in essence, in order to take-up your assignment, they are essentially forgoing another assignment. This is because it is extremely unlikely that the make-up artist and actual day photographer will be able to find another client to fit your schedule. In fact, make-up artists are usually not keen to undertake separate days assignments, even with the additional fees, as they end up earning less than if they were to take-up two separate assignments. It is therefore reasonable for couples to incur this additional cost.

Clients should also note, that for weddings held over two days, additional costs might also be incurred for the additional dry-cleaning of the wedding gown.

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