Monday, September 23, 2013

Singapore Brides: Do you know the difference between hidden costs and additional costs?

I believe that it is important that we make a clear distinction between Hidden Costs and Additional Costs.  Knowing the difference will prevent a lot of misunderstanding and unhappiness ....

Hidden cost can be defined as the extra costs a client has to pay when it can be reasonably expected to be included in the original cost of the wedding package. Additional cost on the other hand, is cost incurred when a client makes changes to or requests for additional items and/or services not originally provided for in the original cost of the wedding package.

To illustrate, examples of hidden cost is when the wedding package provides for a make-to-measure wedding gown and the client is asked to pay extra for the services of a designer; or when the wedding package provides for actual day hair and make-up on location and the client is asked to pay for the make-up artist’s taxi fare to the hotel.

On the other hand, an example of additional costs would be a client wanting her evening gown to have an extra long train. Unless, this was articulated and agreed upon when taking up the wedding package, as this would require more material and workmanship than a standard evening gown, it is reasonable for the boutique to charge the client extra to cover the additional costs incurred in the production of the gown.

It is important that you understand the difference, and reach an agreement with the boutique, between the two costs early in your negotiations. Such open discussions will prevent any misunderstandings that may mar your wedding day experience.

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