Monday, September 23, 2013

Singapore Brides: What are the bad practices of bridal shops

Every industry has its black sheep and the Singapore wedding industry is no exception. The wedding industry is current plagued by two main ills - they are the purchasing of portfolio albums and the switching of gowns.

As top quality professional photographers are expensive to employ on a full-time basis, some one-stop wedding boutiques routinely resort to the hiring of top-grade photographers for the production of their portfolio albums.  Once produced, these albums are then passed off as the work of their in-house photographers. The problem arises because the boutiques own in-house wedding photographer is usually not as skilled and, as can be imagined, the quality of work may differ significantly.

The second ill facing the Singapore wedding industry is the switching of gowns. Once a gown is produced, altering it to fit a bride is a relatively inexpensive process compared to the production of a completely new gown. What happens in some one-stop wedding boutiques is that the designer will “design” a gown according to what is already in the inventory.  Once the client accepts the design, it is then only a matter of altering the gown and cleaning it thoroughly. The client is often none the wiser.

Although these practices do occur in the local wedding industry, it is thankfully not pervasive. Singapore wedding couples therefore need only be aware of such practices, but need not be too unduly concerned about it.

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