Monday, October 21, 2013

How Singapore Brides Can Save Money on Their Wedding Banquet

With the cost of living increasing and wedding banquet prices climbing, the only area that Singapore brides can actually save money is in their wedding packages.  This is because, unlike hotels, business is extremely competitive for wedding boutiques.  Having said that, couples should read my earlier blog posting on how to negotiate the best deal.

One other main area which couples need to watch is the wedding banquet.  Generally, most wedding guests will try to cover the cost of the dinner.  Thus, if the cost per table is $1,200, guests will generally give a hongbao of about $128.  There is of course a limit to what guests will (or can) give.  Unless all your guests are extremely wealthy, any wedding banquet crossing the $1,500 will likely generate a lost.  Friends of young couples who are fresh out of school will have expenses and forking out more than $150 is a tall order and most will likely give $128 (or even less) for good luck.

Thus, if a couple wants to save money on their wedding, it would be wise to watch the cost of the wedding banquet.


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