Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SG Wedding Guru: Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2014

Choosing an auspicious date for their wedding is a must for most couples. Even if they don't believe fengshui themselves, their parents and grandparents may, and it is always good to respect your elders' wishes so that you can have their blessings.

The downside to having a wedding on a "red" day is that hotel wedding banquet packages are usually non-negotiable. It is also difficult to secure the services of popular wedding photographers and videographers. For weddings on these dates, Singapore brides must therefore not only book early, but must also expect to pay a slight premium for tying the knot on these dates.

In fengshui, while it is good to do things on an auspicious date and time, if circumstances prevent it, it is also okay to do things on dates and times that are "neutral". So while brides may have a preference for a red date, do not forget that you can still get married on neutral dates. Also, as each persons' bazi is different, a generally auspicious date may not be suited for certain couples. So do check and do not follow the dates blindly.

Attached are the auspicious wedding dates for 2014 - the year of the Horse according to the Chinese Almanac. As we are not the experts, the list of dates is extracted for the convenience of our readers from The 8th Voyager.  Do visit them for more information.


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