Saturday, December 28, 2013

SG Wedding Guru: Most common reasons for negative reviews about Singapore bridal studios

Every industry has its share of black sheep, and the Singapore wedding industry is no exception. Two of the most common reasons for negative reviews about wedding boutiques are about their use of "portfolio albums" and their switching of wedding gowns.

Portfolio Albums. As top-grade professional studio photographers are expensive to employ on a full-time basis, some one-stop bridal studios routinely engage these top-grade photographers to produce their portfolio or sample albums. Once the sample wedding albums have been produced, the albums are then passed off as the work of their in-house photographer. Problems arise because the in-house photographer is usually not as skilled and, as can be imagined, the quality of work may differ significantly. What brides need to do is to ask to see samples of actual work done by the in-house photographer - the best bet is to ask for the raw footage of a recent studio photography session. These shots will give you an accurate sense of the photographer's skill level.
Switching of Wedding Gowns. Some wedding boutiques have been known to switch wedding gowns. Sometimes to increase profits, bridal boutiques will switch a made-to-measure gown with an existing off-the-rack gown. This is done because once a gown is produced, altering it to fit a bride is a relatively inexpensive process. To pull this off, the boutique's designer will “design” a gown according to what is already in the inventory. Once the client accepts the design, it is then only a matter of altering the gown, cleaning it thoroughly and the bride will usually be none the wiser. To prevent such an occurrence, the bride just needs to be sensitive to how the designer pushes a particular design. If he or she seems overly adamant that the gown be a certain way, this maybe an indicator that they are planning to switch wedding gowns on you.
Having said that, while some wedding boutiques in Singapore do engage in such bad practices, thankfully it is not pervasive. Singapore brides must therefore only be aware that such practices exists, but need not be unduly concerned about it.

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