Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SG Wedding Guru: Our vision is to be the #1 wedding website for Singapore brides

The idea for an independent wedding website for Singapore brides was the brainchild of our founder - CW Fong. CW was the former Managing Director of J&M Design and Photography and after leaving the industry found that there was a lack of useful and unbiased information on wedding packages and wedding preparation in Singapore. All existing websites and portals are run by "outsiders" and none of them can provide the information wedding couples need to deal with the bridal shops.

Image showing the vision of SG Wedding Guru
With an annual average of about 28,000 marriages, and an average spending of about $8,000 per couple, the wedding business (excluding banquet) in Singapore is estimated to be worth $240 million. Unfortunately, Singapore brides preparing for their weddings have no choice but to (a) rely on the hearsay of couples who have taken the path before them; or (b) on magazines and websites that are dependent on the advertising dollar of the very bridal shops they are writing about. Needless to say, there is a lack of a credible and non-biased source for wedding information. Until now!
Our founder's position as a former insider, allows him the unique ability to offer Singapore brides valuable tips and advice on wedding and photography packages. The tips, information and advice provided on SG Wedding Guru is not available in any wedding magazine or website and is designed to help brides minimize the fear of “hidden costs,” select the “correct” wedding package for their budget and, more importantly, advice that will help brides "stretch her wedding dollar". By providing information which only an insider can give, SG Wedding Guru is certain that we will achieve our vision of being Singapore's #1 wedding website.

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