Friday, December 20, 2013

SG Wedding Guru: Tips to help the Singapore bride find the perfect wedding gown

The first and most important step in selecting, or designing, your wedding gown is choosing a style that flatters your body type. Brides need to refrain from trying to live their "fantasy" by choosing a gown they saw in a movie or on TV which is all wrong for their body type.
Generally, wedding gowns come in several 4 basic styles. The most popular of which is the A-line Wedding Gown which looks great on every body type. The A-line gown has a gentle flare which, as its name implies,  creates the A shape.
The next basic style is known as the Ball Gown Wedding Dress. Gowns of this style has a fitted bodice and a large skirt. The ball gown looks best on tall girls as well as girls who are heavier on the bottom.
Another favorite is the Fit & Flare Wedding Gown. A combination of the previous two basic styles, this gown has a fitted bodice and hips which then gradual flares out. This style looks great on anybody with curves, or someone trying to create curves. This style however does not work well on brides with a large waistlines
The fourth basic style is called the Sheath Wedding Dress. The Sheath is a straight cut that hugs the curves. This style is classic and simple, and works great on tall and thin girls.
Ultimately, no matter what style the bride chooses, the gown must make the bride feel confident and beautiful. This is because beauty is partly what you wear, but mostly how you feel. Selecting the "right" gown is thus not about matching up the “perfect” style for your body but about feeling good about what you are wearing.


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