Monday, December 30, 2013

SG Wedding Guru: What IS a standard Singapore wedding package.

When brides start shopping around for their wedding packages, they will be surprised to learn that the contents of wedding packages in Singapore do not vary much from one bridal boutique to another. This is not surprising as the bridal package is designed to provide the happy couple with everything they need.

Standard Singapore Wedding Package
In Singapore, the vast majority of wedding are one-day events - starting from the time the groom picks up the bride in the morning and ending with the wedding banquet at a hotel. A typical wedding day unfolds like this:
1. Hair and Makeup at the bride's house (concurrently bridal car will pick the groom up from his home)
2. Groom arrives at the bride’s house
3. The traditional "gate crashing" by the groom and his "brothers"
4. Departure for groom's house for the Tea Ceremony
5. Return to bride's house for the 2nd Tea ceremony
6. Departure for the hotel
7. Wedding banquet
As such, a "standard" wedding package will include the following items:
a. Attire: Wedding Gown, Evening Gown and Men’s Suit
b. Hair and Make-up: A Trial Session, Pre-Wedding Photography (Studio) Session and twice on the Actual Day
c. Bridal Car and Car Decorations: Mercedes E200, One set of decorations for the wedding car and two sets for the accompanying cars
d. Wedding Flowers: One hand bouquet and two corsages for the actual wedding day
e. Wedding Photography: Pre-Wedding Photography (inclusive of outdoor photography session), One 12-page wedding album, One portrait and some 4R “giveaways”
Variations in bridal packages, if there are any, depends on the price of the package the couple is paying for. Even then, the contents will remain the same, with the variations coming in the form of the type of gowns (wedding and evening), type of men' suit, the type of wedding car and the wedding album. This makes selecting a wedding package easier, as Brides need only focus on the quality and service provided by the bridal shops.

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