Thursday, December 26, 2013

SG Wedding Guru: What every bride should know about bridal boutiques in Singapore

There are approximately one hundred bridal boutiques in Singapore with quite a few concentrated around the Tanjong Pagar area. This concentration is natural as Tanjong Pagar is just outside the Central Business District making it convenient for the brides. Generally speaking, wedding boutiques located along Tanjong Pagar Road are considered more exclusive and Singapore brides can expect to pay a premium for wedding packages there.

In Singapore, and I suspect almost anywhere in the world, wedding shops can broadly be divided into two main types - Designer Boutiques and One-Stop Boutiques.

Designer Wedding Boutiques. Designer wedding boutiques, as the name implies, are designed focused. Managed and run by the owners (who are the designers themselves), these shops are traditionally smaller set-ups and carry the personality of the designer-owner. As these bridal boutiques have chosen to focus on their core competency of designing wedding gowns, wedding packages offered by them are purely for the convenience of the bride. The designer wedding boutiques do not earn commissions but low referral fees (if at all) from their recommendations. Always sensitive to the need to maintain their artistic integrity and professional reputation, designer wedding shops are extremely careful in their choice of partners. Brides can therefore be assured that any service provider recommended (or packaged with) is reputable and of relatively high standards.

One-Stop Wedding Boutiques. On the other end of the spectrum is the one-stop wedding boutique. These bridal boutiques are owned by businessmen and managed by a team of professional salespersons, make-up artists, wedding photographers and production crew. Aware of their inability to compete head-on with the designer boutiques in terms of the quality and design of the wedding gowns, one-stop wedding boutiques choose instead to focus on their ability to offer their clients convenience. As such, almost everything is done in-house, or readily sub-contracted to an affiliated service provider. Established to maximized earnings, the wedding and evening gown designers, bridal make-up artists and wedding photographers are therefore employed more on their ability to contribute to the boutiques' bottom-line than on their talents.
At the end of the day, neither type of bridal boutique can be said to be better than the other. Each bride is different and these boutiques offer options to the bride. Singapore brides just need to know the difference between the two.

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