Saturday, December 7, 2013

SG Wedding Guru: Wedding Dresses. To Keep or Not to Keep?

In some wedding packages offered by Singapore wedding boutiques, the bride is sometimes given the option to keep their wedding dress.

This is a tradition in the United States where mothers pass their wedding gowns on to their daughters.

As this tradition does not exist in Singapore, if given the option, brides should negotiate to return the gown and ask for extra credit to be used for their wedding albums. Keeping the wedding dress is pointless and is a waste of money and storage space.

The reason we suggest you negotiate for store credit is because you will (a) need it to pay for more photos; and (b) you will be able to ask for more than if you were to ask for cash.

The opposite is however true for the men's suit. Unless the groom has opted for a non-traditional design, most Singapore men will need at least one good suit. Hence, during the negotiation stage, asking to keep the men's suit makes good sense.



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