Monday, January 13, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: The best place to book your bridal photography package

One of the most common questions Singapore brides asks us is where is the best place to book a bridal photography package. Is it at the bridal boutique, or at one of the many bridal roadshows that take place every weekend?
The answer to that question is not as simple as it seems. The first part of the answer is whether the bride has decided on the type of wedding package she wants. This is important, as only the "Taiwanese" or One-Stop bridal boutiques participate in wedding fairs. Thus, if the bride has her heart set on a wedding dress by a designer boutique, then the roadshow option is out.
If however, on the other hand, the bride has decided that she is going for a bridal photography package from a one-stop boutique, then the question is valid. Much like Singaporeans don't buy unless there is a sale, the same rule applies for booking a bridal package. Wedding shops in Singapore know that couples want deals and couples know that the best place for a deal is at a bridal roadshow where competition is high. As such, most couples will usually do their "homework" by visiting boutiques during the week and then head over to one of the bridal roadshows to book their packages.
And they are right! Brides can get the best deal at a bridal roadshow because given the high costs involved in participating in a roadshow, wedding boutiques are usually motivated to sign couples to collect deposits to "roll the business". This motivation translates directly into their willingness to give "extras" to close the deal. Extras like a bridesmaids dress or even bridal shoes (if they have the tie-up).

So if you are a Singapore bride taking up a wedding package from a one-stop boutique, your best bet for a great deal is to book one at a wedding fair.
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