Sunday, January 26, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: The Best Pre-Wedding Photographer in Singapore

It is common for Singapore brides to want the "best wedding photographer" or the "best wedding photography package". After all, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and if money is not an issue, paying for the best money can buy is natural.
The problem is this. How do you define best? And if we cannot agree on the definition of best, can there really a best Singapore pre-wedding photographer?
While the winning of awards is one possible indicator, there is however no real independent pre-wedding photographers award like the Academy Awards for motion pictures or the Grammy Awards for music. Those awards that are touted by wedding photography studios usually come from commercial entities related to the bridal industry. As such, the credibility of those awards must be seen with the correct perspective.
At SG Wedding Guru, we believe that EVERY pre-wedding photographer is the best. This is because we believe that photography is an art, and as long as the photographer's eye matches that of the couple's, and the photographer is able to capture the essence of the couple's relationship, that is "perfection."
To accomplish the latter, the pre-wedding photographer's ability to click with and relate to the couple is key. It is our experience that a great photographer who cannot relate with the couple will produce images much worse than an average photographer who can.
Thus, if you are a bride looking for the best pre-wedding photographer in Singapore, I would say good luck as he/she does not exist. The best pre-wedding photographer is the photographer that can bring out the best in you and your husband, and capture it in the manner you like.
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