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SG Wedding Guru: Bridal Gowns and Pre-Wedding Photography Packages for Sale (Singapore)

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A quick search on any Singapore wedding website will show a significant number of pre-wedding packages being sold by brides. The majority of these bridal gowns and pre-wedding photography packages are advertised by brides who had paid a deposit with a particular boutique they thought was good, but had later changed their minds. This is why we always advise brides to only pay deposits of no more than $300 to secure their deals. This will ensure that, in the event they change their minds, they will not lose out.
So what can a bride do if she wants a new wedding package?
As all deposits paid are considered non-refundable (as clearly stated in the terms and conditions on the invoice), bridal shops will never refund any deposits paid. There are therefore only two options that a bride can take - ask for store credit or ask for it to be absorbed.
Ask for store credit. In the event that the bride has changed her mind, wedding boutiques will grudgingly convert deposits into store credit which the bride can then use for some other bridal service. As prices for a la carte wedding services are expensive, brides must accept that they may not be getting the full "value." However, in such a situation, brides are advised to take what they can. Some bridal boutiques may offer brides the option of making the deposit transferable for a small conversion fee. This option is however not recommended, as it is extremely difficult to find someone willing to take-over your package, and if there is a buyer, it will usually be at a steep discount.
Ask the new boutique to absorb the deposit. The other option that the bride has, in the event that she has found a "better" wedding boutique, is to ask the new boutique to absorb the deposit. What happens here is that to secure your business, the new boutique can usually absorb up to $300 of your deposit by offering you store credit or an additional item in your package. Since you will be using the services of the new boutique, the store credit will come in useful for extra photographs in your wedding album or even for an evening gown for the bride's mother.
At the end of the day, Singapore brides must be careful when placing deposits for bridal gowns and wedding photography packages. If there are any uncertainties, limit the deposit to no more than $300 and they can be assured that they will have little to lose.
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