Monday, January 6, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: Expert advice about your wedding package

SG Wedding Guru is pleased to introduced a new section to our wedding website. Titled "Expert Advice", this section allows Singapore brides to leave feedback, reviews or complaints about their wedding service provider and to hear our expert's view.

We know that preparing for a wedding is stressful, and dealing with wedding boutiques and wedding photographers may at times be challenging. As such, we hope that hearing an unbiased perspective will help you better deal with whatever may crop up.
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To ask us a question, simply use the comment section of this post. We will then share our opinion with you, and where appropriate, offer solutions.
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  1. Hi! Can I know what is the average price for a wedding package? There seems to be a wide range. How can I know if I am paying market or above market price? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Anna for the question.

    I am afraid that there is no market price as bridal boutiques and photography studios vary. Just like a T-shirt by Armani can cost $120 while a similar T-shirt from a no name shop will only cost $30.

    What I can suggest for you to get a good sense of the "market" price is for you to visit 3 or 4 wedding boutiques/ photographers of SIMILAR branding. That way, if one is way off, then you will know that it is not the norm and you can ask them to justify their price.

    I hope this helps.