Friday, January 24, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: Tips for natural and long lasting ROM make-up ...

In Singapore, the ROM is usually a very informal event. Apart from the hand bouquet, most brides forego engaging a professional hair and makeup artist and opt for a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) job. Even photography is usually done by a close friend or relative.
To help fans of SG Wedding Guru, we asked Ms. Anna Lim, the founder of The Beauty Star, for some tips on how brides can have natural and long lasting make-up on their ROM day ...
"The secret to natural and long lasting makeup is in the layers. The first step is therefore for the bride to thoroughly clean and moisture her skin. This is because a clean skin will enable the smooth and easy application of the foundation. The use of a makeup primer or base is also a good idea as it will help hold the makeup and make the bride look fresh throughout the day.
For the natural look, brides should apply a foundation that matches their skin type and skin color with a cosmetic brush or sponge. This should be done in layers, instead of all at once, so as to give the makeup a more natural look. Loose powder can also be applied so hold the makeup and to finish the look.
To enhance the bride's look, double eye lid stickers, eye-liners or even fake eye lashes can be used to enhance the eye area."
For more makeup tips or to engage a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding day, brides can contact The Beauty Star via

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