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SG Wedding Guru: Tips to finding a good actual wedding day photographer in Singapore

Next to selecting your spouse, choosing your actual day wedding photographer is probably the next most important decision in planning your wedding. This is because when all is said and done, all that will endear after your many months of planning and the thousands of dollars spent, will be your wedding photos.
Find the right actual day wedding photographer and he will capture those unique fleeting moments that makes the day special. Find the wrong photographer and memories of your wedding will be nothing more than a collection of postcard images.
The following are 3 tips Singapore brides can use to find the "correct" actual wedding day photographer ...
1. Past performance predicts future performance
While past performance does not guarantee future performance, it does however offer some prediction. Brides should therefore ask to see samples of recent works. In the event that you have a special location for your wedding (ie. beach wedding), ask to see something similar. This is important as different skills are required for different settings. A wedding photographer may have done a hundred indoor weddings, but he will be a fish out of water in an outdoor setting.
2. Understand the photographer's "eye"
Once you have narrowed your selection down to 2 or 3 photographers. Make an appointment to see each of them. During the appointment, view an album together. As you flip through the album, identify shots that you like and ask the photographer (a) what made him take that shot; and (b) what is he trying to communicate with the shot.  His answers will give you a good sense of his style. Just like each photographer has a unique style, each client will also like different images. This simple exercise will tell you if the two of yours match.
3. Can you click?
The final litmus test is your ability to click. This may seem trivial, but no matter how good the photographer is, if the subjects (you and your spouse) cannot "work" with him, the pictures will not turn out well. There are no special tests or questions for this, just your "feeling" at the end of the appointment. If your instincts tell you something is off, then trust your gut and find someone else.
One final piece of advise for brides is this. Good actual day wedding photographers are never cheap. While price is important, focusing solely on it will be a mistake. "Focus on price and you miss seeing the value. Focus on value and price will not matter."
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