Sunday, February 2, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: Bridal Car Rental

In recent years, the rental of exotic cars as bridal cars has gained popularity. Singapore brides (and their grooms) have been known to spend thousands to be seen in these exotic cars on their wedding day.
While we are SG Wedding Guru cannot fault the couple for wanting to have something special to mark their wedding day, we however feel that the money would be better spent renting the car for the pre-wedding photography session instead.
This is because, on the wedding day, the couple will be in a rush and is likely to only drive the car 3 times - groom to bride's house, bride's house to groom's house, and groom's house to hotel. So there is little time for the couple to enjoy the car.
Alternatively, if the couple rented the car for the pre-wedding photography session instead, there is time before, during and after the session to enjoy the car. Additionally, having the car during the pre-wedding photography session will ensure that the experience driving it is captured and immortalized for posterity in the wedding album.
In short, the renting of an exotic car as a bridal car is one way to add to your wedding memories. As the lead-up to the wedding is also a part of the entire wedding event, renting the exotic car during the pre-wedding photography will, in our opinion, bring you more and sweeter memories as you will have more time to enjoy it.


Note: SG Wedding Guru currently provides wedding car rental services. If you are looking for a luxury car (besides a Mercedes) contact us for a quote.

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