Saturday, February 8, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: Bridal Showers and Hen Nights

As Singapore becomes increasingly cosmopolitan, our brides have also become increasingly open adopting many western wedding traditions and practices. In recent years, bachelorette parties or hen nights have become popular.
Modeled after the bachelor night, the hen night is historically a dinner given by the bride-to-be to her close friends shortly before her wedding. However, unlike the bachelor party's reputation as "a sodden farewell to bachelor days" or "an evening of debauchery," the hen party is usually a party for the exchange of gifts.
Having said that, depending on what the organizer thinks will please the guest of honor, different types of entertainment can be selected for the hen night. Usually held in a private venue like a hotel suite or a close friend's house, the party provides a comfortable opportunity for participants to drink, get drunk and talk (or give) intimate advice to the bride-to-be. If this is not the bride-to-be's cup of tea, then themed parties such as a "pamper party" at a spa, or a cooking class can also be done. Nowadays, many companies are selling products aimed at the organizers of bachelorette parties. These include packs of themed games, pre-printed invitations, decorations, novelties, and even sex toys. Even in Singapore, the hiring of a male stripper is also increasingly common.
Participating in a hen night is always optional with some brides-to-be decline these parties altogether. A traditional alternative is to have a bridesmaids luncheon, several days before the wedding during which the bride presents a small gift to each bridesmaid. If a significant aspect of the party is the presenting of small gifts to the bride-to-be, then the event is properly called a bridal shower.
Whatever your choice of preference, the hen night like your wedding is just another occasion for you to bond with your close friends. So enjoy it doing whatever your heart desires.

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