Friday, February 28, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: The Correct Way to Word a Wedding Invitation Card

Like most aspects of a wedding, there are certain "traditional" ways of wording a wedding invitation card. A typical wedding invitation card includes the 7 elements of (a) the host line; (b) the request line; (c) the bride and groom line; (d) the date and time lines; (e) the location line; (f) the reception line; and (g) the R.S.V.P. lines.
The area where most couple encounter problems is in phrasing the host line correctly. The following is how etiquette experts advise that it should be done ...
The norm is to start the wedding invitation with the names of those issuing the invites. In most cases, this is usually the bride's parents. Experts advise the following:
Bride's Parent's Hosting
"Mr. and Mrs. John Tan" or, if they have different last names,
"Ms. Anna Wong and Mr. John Tan request the honor of your presence ..."
Would like to mention the Groom's Parents
< Insert after the groom's name > "Mr. Douglas Koh the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koh"
Couple Hosting
"Together with their families Miss Jacqueline Tan and Mr. Douglas Koh invite you to join them at the wedding reception of ..."
Although there are certain "protocols" to follow, there is also nothing wrong with the couple rewording and arranging the wedding invitation card to reflect their personality. So have fun making your wedding invitation card unique and memorable.

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