Saturday, February 15, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: Wedding Day Emergency Kit

According to Murphy, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. As such, we strongly advise Singapore brides to prepare a "wedding day emergency kit" comprising the following items:
1. Panadol (for headaches)
2. Plasters (for blisters or minor cuts and scratches)
3. Chalk (to cover up last minute smudges or smears on your wedding dress)
4. Clear Nail Polish (for runs in your stockings)
5. Safety Pins for the Corsages
6. Dental Floss/ Toothpicks
7. Eye Drops
8. Extra Earring Backs
9. Extra Panty Hose
10. Hair Pins
11. Wet Wipes
12. Hem Tapes
13. Mini Sewing Kit
14. Scotch Tape
15. Small Folding Scissors
16. Spot Remover
17. Straws (to dink without messing up your lipstick)
18. Tissue Paper
19. Bottled Water
20. Tweezers
SG Wedding Guru


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