Monday, March 3, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: Does it cost more to have a wedding over two days?

Sometimes, for reasons beyond the couple's control, the couple may need to have their wedding over 2 days. This sometimes occurs in Singapore when a couple wants an auspicious date for the nuptials, but the preferred wedding banquet venue is not available. We however strongly advise against this as it is not only more tiring for the couple and the bridal party, but it is also more costly.
As a bride, you may be wondering why this is so. After all, you are not asking for any "extra" services, but only to have them provided over 2 separate days. As we have mentioned in some of our earlier postings, a standard bridal package assumes that the entire wedding event will take place on the same day. As such, the number of perishable items provided for the wedding is thus fixed. For example, a standard bridal package will only provide for 1 set of fresh flowers for the hand bouquet and corsages. If a wedding is held over 2 days, it is likely that an additional set will be required.
Additionally, there will be additional costs for the make-up artists and wedding day photographer. These service providers usually charge an addition 50% on top of their usual rates. This additional cost is necessary as by taking up your assignment, they are essentially forgoing another assignment. This is because it is extremely unlikely that the make-up artist and wedding day photographer will be able to find another client to fit your schedule. In fact, make-up artists are usually not keen to undertake separate days assignments, even with the additional fees, as they end up earning less than if they were to take-up two separate assignments.
As such, couples who plan to hold their wedding over two days can expect to incur additional costs. Besides the flowers, there will be additional costs for the make-up artist, the wedding day photographer, the bridal car and even the need to factor in some quick dry-cleaning of the wedding dress to make it stunning for the second day.
If at all possible, the wedding couple should try to complete their wedding within one day. In the event that circumstance prevent this, do be prepared to spend an additional 15-20% extra.

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