Sunday, March 30, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: How early should I book my wedding day photographer?

While there is no hard and fast rule, we do recommend that Singapore brides book their wedding day photographer at least 3 months before your wedding.

However, having said that, we do recommend that you book your wedding day photographer as early as you possibly can. This is because the good photographers are in high demand and are usually booked up to six months ahead of time. So the sooner you book, the better your chance of engaging the photographer you want.

Additionally, if you are having your wedding on an auspicious wedding date, demand for wedding day photographers will be high. So naturally, the more popular photographers will be booked. Once again, if you do not want to be disappointed, book early.

In fact, the only reason we can think of why a bride would not want to book their wedding photographer early, is the reluctance to place a deposit. Whether it is because of cash flow reasons, or the desire to find better a bargain, in our experience, there is really no difference.

If the reluctance stems from the former, simply pay an initial booking deposit of $50 - $100 to secure the date first. The balance of the deposit can then be paid the usual 3 months before the wedding. If however, the reluctance is due to the desire to wait for a better bargain, I can assure you that wedding day photography packages do not differ much. And even if there is a deal, the savings will usually be minimal. As such, we believe that the desire to save a little at the risk of not getting a good wedding day photographer is simply not worth taking.

So if you are a Singapore bride planning your wedding day, and you have not yet booked your wedding day photographer, pick-up your phone now and book him. There will not be a better time than the present.

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