Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top Pre-Wedding Photography Outdoor Locations in Singapore

While admittedly Singapore is a small country, there is surprisingly a wide variety of locations for brides to have their outdoor wedding photos taken. All it takes is a little imagination and, sometimes, a little effort to seek the permission of the location owners. In most instances, location owners are willing to allow the photo-shoot if it does not affect their day to day operations. Some, however, do charge a fee to deter the uncommitted.
The following are some locations that have proven popular with Singapore brides due to the spectacular shots that can be achieved. Before you go offer and make arrangements, here are a few pointers for you to consider.
Point #1: It takes time to move from location to location and even within the location. Brides should therefore not be over-enthusiastic and plan too many locations. Ideally, SG Wedding Guru recommends only 2 or max 3 if they are all nearby.
Point #2: Ideal lighting for outdoor photography is during the evenings when the sun is more angular. When planning outdoor shoots, it is advisable to do those within buildings in the early afternoon and end off outdoors to make best use of the lights.
Point #3: While most professional photographers can do a good job at any location, it helps if the photographer has done a photo-shoot at the selected location before. This will mean that the photographer will not be going in "cold" and will already have some ideas of the great shots he can do even before your reach the location. This will include bring the right props.
Listed below are the Top Pre-Wedding Photography Outdoor Locations in Singapore (not in rank order) ...
Fort Canning
Pulau Ubin
Dempsey Hill
The White Pavillion at the Botanic Gardens
Sunset Way Railway Tracks
Mount Faber
Punggol Lalang Field
Changi Beach Boardwalk
Marina Barrage
Seletar Airbase
Portsdown Road
Henderson Waves
Double Helix Bridge (great for night shots)

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