Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SG Wedding Guru: How early should I book my bridal package?

One of the most common questions Singapore brides ask is how early should they book their bridal package. The answer to that question lies in understanding the production timeline for the wedding dress and the pre-wedding photography album. A common misconception amongst brides is that the more time they give, the better the gown or album will turn-out.
While I can agree that creating buffers will give the bride some flexibility in the event that the bridal boutique makes a mistake, these mistakes are however few and far between. This is because most bridal boutiques would have handled literally hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings and their production process and timelines are well established. In fact, even if a bride books her package early, work on her wedding dress and pre-wedding photography album is unlikely to start until it reaches the scheduled production timeline.
As a guide, most bridal boutiques will following the following timelines ...
Wedding Dress - work on the wedding dress will usually start 9 months before the wedding day. This may however even start 6 months before if the gown is an off-the-rack. 
Pre-Wedding Photography - the photoshoot is usually scheduled for 4 months before wedding day. The key date to note here is when the couple is scheduled to do the photo selection. This is the more important date as work on the wedding album can only start after this.
With this information as the guide, I hope SG Wedding Guru has provided the answer to help Singapore brides decide when they should book their bridal packages.

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