Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Actual Day Wedding Photography Rates for Half-Day

Increasingly, more Singapore couples are opting out of the traditional wedding day and going for simpler and smaller affairs without the wedding dinner. When these couples start to enquire about engaging the services of an actual day wedding photographer, these couples are usually surprised to learn that shorter assignments do not see a corresponding reduction in rates. In fact, the difference in wedding photography rates quoted for 5 hours is only slightly less than that quoted for a 10 hour assignment.
To understand the reason, brides must understand that a wedding day photographer's time is his money. And as his time is finite, the actual day wedding photographer can only take on one client a day. Assuming the photographer takes on a half-day wedding assignment, it is very unlikely that he will find another assignment to fill the other half-day. Thus, the opportunity cost for him is that he will be losing out on the possibility of earning a full day's pay.
Because of this, it is not uncommon for the more established and popular wedding day photographers to outright reject wedding couples who want to engage them for less than the standard 10 hours. This holds especially true for "hot" dates as there are more than enough demand for the photographer. Thus, if a couple intends to hire a wedding day photographer for less than a full-day, the couple must be prepared to pay the full day rate or expect only a slight discount.

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