Friday, May 23, 2014

What is the average price of a wedding day photography package in Singapore?

When engaging a wedding day photographer, Singapore brides are usually confused by the wide range in prices. Some wedding day photographers charge $800 for 10 hour of photography, while there are others that charge as much as $3,500 for the same number of hours.
What Singapore brides must note is that there are essentially two types of wedding day photography offered in Singapore. There is what SG Wedding Guru terms the event-styled wedding photography, and then there is the photojournalist-styled wedding photography. In the case of the former, the photographer's role is primarily to help you remember your wedding day, while for the latter, the photographer's role is to create an artistic memory of your wedding day.
Generally speaking, photojournalist-styled wedding photography is considered a "higher" form of photography and hence they command higher rates. But having said that, we must add that those photographers who choose to specialize in the event-styled wedding photography are no less capable the their counterparts and it is often a commercial decision to opt for the "simpler" assignments i.e. less post-production work means more assignments and effectively higher per hour rates.
So what is the average rate of a wedding day photographer in Singapore?
As a guide, for 2014 and 2015, rates for event-styled wedding photography start from $800 and goes up to about $1,400 (with the median at around $1,200), while that of photojournalists-styled photography start from $1,800 and can go up to $3,500 or more (with the median being around $2,400).
While it is generally true that "better" photographers will command higher rates, at SG Wedding Guru, we believe that there is a threshold for "noticeable difference". In other words, most people cannot tell the difference between $5,000-a-day and a $3,000-a-day photographer. So beyond a certain point, paying more does not make financial sense. Additionally, as most couples would have already spent a substantial amount of money on their pre-wedding photography albums, paying for the more expensive photojournalist-styled wedding photography is usually more a want than a need.
In short, the "average" rate for a wedding day photographer in Singapore depends on the choice of photography. It should however cost either $1,200 or $2,400. With this understanding of the types of wedding day photography packages available, Singapore brides will now be better able to select the type of photographer they want, and know what they are paying for.

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