Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cheap and Good Wedding Day Photography Package ... $688

Can cheap really be good? Let me just say that good need not be expensive ….
Wedding Day Photographer Singapore
So how does SG Wedding Guru provide good wedding day photographers at "below market rate"? Surely you must be using junior or freelance photographers, or you must have hidden costs in your packages. The answer is NO!!!

SG Wedding Guru is able to offer below market rates as we strictly control our overheads and deliberately pass the savings on to brides. We do this by reducing our operating expenses by working without a physical office and doing everything “virtually”.

In fact, the quality of our photographers is our top concern. and we only work with Singapore-based photographers who have proven themselves to be professional, responsible and skilled in the art (and science) of wedding day photography. In fact, the photographers (and videographers) on our team are the very same freelance professionals that bridal boutiques sub-contract their wedding day and videography work to. On average, the photographers on our team have over 10 years of professional experience.

Brides who engage SG Wedding Guru's team of photographers can therefore be assured of professional work. Judging from the number of couples that have taken-up SG Wedding Guru's Wedding Day Photography Package and the number of positive feedbacks we have received, cheap can be good!

To find out more about our Wedding Day Photography Promotional Package of $688 (for 10 hours of coverage) contact us via the 'contact form' on the right column of this page.


  1. We regret to inform that our promotional package price of $680 is no longer available. With effect 1 January 2015, our package price is now $780.

    Thank you for your support.

  2. [Update] We hear you! Yes, the economy is bad so we are going back to 2015 prices of only $688 to help you.