Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Dresses and Wedding Shows

Are wedding shows the best place to find a wedding dress?

In Singapore, wedding shows are held almost weekly in shopping malls and convention center around the island. Bridal boutiques and photography studio participate in these exhibitions to sign-up new customers.
As participating in a wedding show is a costly affair, competition at these events is intense with participating boutiques and studios offering fantastic deals to entice prospective couples to take up their wedding packages. Acknowledging that brides are typically most concerned about wedding dresses, participating wedding boutiques pull out all the stops to showcase their very best wedding dress designs. Couples who visit these shows can therefore be assured that they will indeed see the latest designs available in Singapore.
Unfortunately, what looks good on a mannequin, need not necessarily look good on a bride. Unless the bride has a supermodel figure, chances are that the latest design will not suit the typical bride. As such, while it is interesting to admire the possibilities at these wedding exhibitions, finding a wedding gown that flatters the real you is more important. Such gowns are typically not shown at these shows as these gowns do not have the "star factor".
In short, while wedding fairs are great places for the couple to sign-up for their wedding package, it is not the best place to find a wedding dress. SG Wedding Guru advises wedding couples to do their "homework" by visiting various wedding boutiques prior to the exhibition and then capitalizing on the opportunity presented by these exhibition to negotiate their best deal.


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