Monday, August 11, 2014

Wedding Essentials for Singapore Brides - Product Review

A Wedding Essential

Envylope is truly a wedding essential.  An App that allows you to systematically record all the red packets you received at your wedding. This is extremely handy when you need reference to your wedding monetary gifts - especially when it's time to return the favour. For instance, two years after your wedding, youre attending Chers Wedding Reception in a 5 star hotel. After a certain mental calculation - you realise per head would approximately cost $200. It seems only right that you cover your cost for her wedding dinner and give the couple a small financial head start as a monetary gift. At this very point - a quick reference to what Cher gave you for your wedding would be extremely handy. Envylope allows you to search for entries seamlessly. With a quick search, you can access the amount Cher gifted you at your wedding. This makes it easier for you to decide the amount you would like put in her wedding hongbao.

Some features of Envylope

    Life Long Money Envelope Organiser (you can use it again for other events such as Chinese New Year, House Warming etc)
    Timeline view of given/received red packets from who and what amount
    Perfect for couples to keep track of what family/friends gave them when its time to return the favour
    Quick currency selection
    Simple to use and filter entries
    Choose from various themes
    Ability to email your database as a PDF if you want it printed

Envylope brought to you by the Appliy Married Team

The developers are a husband-wife team who got married and were given many red packets to sort out. They thought they needed a systemic way to do this, rather than a pen and a notebook. They documented this in Excel, but realised that there were many limitations. The couple then came up with this idea and decided to make Envylope together. Amit, the husband, developed the app and Bandhna designed the User Interface and Icon.  They were extremely happy when Envylope was approved by Apple on the very first go as they did not outsource any part of Envylope.
Note: Envylope is currently only available on iTunes. An Android version is scheduled for release shortly.

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