Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Where to buy Wedding Gowns in Singapore?

Singapore brides usually go the traditional route of buying or renting their wedding gowns from bridal boutqiues. SG Wedding Guru has however spotted an emerging trend where Singapore brides want to go it alone.
The reasons are many, but the primary motivation is to save money. So where can a Singapore bride-to-be buy her wedding gown from?
SG Wedding Guru is now working with a highly reputable company to match the demands of these brides-to-be. The retailer we are working with not only has a wide range of gowns, but gowns that are made of good quality. Service is prompt and professional, and the best part is that the prices are extremely reasonable.
A good example is the gown shown in the pic below. Gowns of similar quality are on sale at boutiques for over SGD1,800.
Buying a wedding gown in Singapore
To view the full range of wedding and evening gowns, contact us via the online form in the right column of this page. Friends of SG Wedding Guru will also be entitled to additional discounts.

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