Friday, October 16, 2015

Affordable Wedding Day Photography and Videography

The main complaint from young Singapore bridal couples is the rising cost of getting married in Singapore. Besides paying for the banquet, wedding packages and wedding day photography and videography packages are also painful to the pocket.

While SG Wedding Guru cannot help with the banquet costs (as we do not own any hotels), we can however help young couples find the best value, without compromising on quality, for their wedding day photography and videography packages.

What many couples do not realize is that the majority of bridal boutiques in Singapore, out-source their wedding day photography and videography services. Supporting these boutiques, are a pool of professional freelancers who take on assignments on behalf of these boutiques. What SG Wedding Guru has done is to tie-up with these professional freelancers to offer young couples the same service but at a lower price.

As SG Wedding Guru is an online company with little physical overheads. The savings from rental and employee is then passed on to the couples. For example, for 10 hours of professional photography coverage, we only charge a fee of $780. This comes with our SG Wedding Guru guarantee of having no hidden costs.

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  1. We hear you! Yes, the economy is bad so we are going back to 2015 prices of only $688 to help you.