Monday, November 30, 2015

Getting Married in Singapore on a Budget

SG Wedding Guru recently came across an interesting article, a tongue-in-cheek one we hope, about how to plan for an absurdly low budget Singapore wedding. In the article, the writer suggested getting married in the function room of a condominium, getting your wedding dress from the Salvation Army, getting a friend to take the wedding day photos, printing your own wedding decorations and asking friends to bring pot-luck to the banquet.

Venue. While we can empathize with the writer on the rising cost of having a wedding in Singapore, we believe that with a little planning, costs can be managed. One of the major cost of a wedding is the banquet. Some estimates place it to be as much as 80% of the overall cost. Thus, at SG Wedding Guru, we suggest that couples explore options other than the traditional hotel banquet halls. Couples need not go as low as a condominium function room, but can also explore off-beat cafes and restaurants. These venues not only give your guests a new experience, but it will also bring your costs down by as much as 50%. 

Wedding Dress. Every bride wants to, and deserves to, feel and look special on her wedding day. While made-to-measure dresses by renown designers will cost you a pretty penny, brides will be glad to know that you can get equally exquisite gowns that are off the rack at a fraction of the costs. Often times, these dresses are worn fewer than 2 times and a good dry-cleaner will make the dress look as good as new. Brides may need to visit a few wedding boutiques to find the design they like, but it is very likely the "one of a kind dress" they like already exists.

Wedding Day PhotographyThe one thing that we do not suggest that the couple be stingy on is the wedding day photography. This is because after everything is said and done, from experience, the only thing that really stays with you is your photography album. So do spend a bit. Thankfully, there are professional freelancers that do the wedding scene and coverage of a typical wedding (10 hours) will set you back no more than $800. 

Wedding Decorations. As for wedding decorations, this is where a little creativity goes a long way. Couples can DIY their own props, get their brothers and sisters to make the items or simply place 1 or 2 iconic items from their courtship days as the center-piece. If there is a need to up space, use simple but voluminous items like balloons. Nothing is too zany. 

In short, while the cost of getting married in Singapore has definitely increased in recent years, it is still possible to get married in Singapore on a budget if you are smart about it.

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