Monday, December 5, 2016

Wedding Relaxation: Salon, Nails, Spa and Cafe ... The Seventh Rabbit

Once Upon A Time In A Rabbit Hole, ..... a rabbit burrowed through and ended up in Indah in JB, from Singapore. He settled down in his cozy rabbit hole and set off to do what he was best at - styling hair.

The Queen of Hearts heard about him and visited him for a hairdo. The queen was so pleased with the hairdo that she conferred the title of ‘Royal Hair Stylist’ on The Seventh Rabbit. His home was officially named ‘The Seventh Rabbit’.

She also ordered that he serve the people, their families and friends. As the Queen of Hearts, she showered The Seventh Rabbit with lots of love and compassion.

She also ordered that “The best tea and snacks be made available to the guests of The Seventh Rabbit. As well, a library of books for guests and their families and friends to read and, wireless network for them to logon for information and recreation”.

Soon, The Seventh Rabbit became a place where the community would gather to be pampered, network and to have their hair transformed by the magical hands and hat tricks of The Seventh Rabbit.

Also, personalized services extended to include manicure, pedicure and much more …. The Seventh Rabbit – home, where your hair dreams come true.

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