Friday, May 19, 2017

Money Saving Tips for Singapore Brides - Fiverr

Getting married in Singapore is not cheap! However, if couples are willing to DIY some of the wedding preparation, they can save a ton of money.

One of the best ways that brides can save money is to leverage on the gig economy. With the strong SingDollar and platforms like Fiverr, Singapore brides can find freelancers in emerging economies to do a variety of things at a fraction of what it will cost to do the same in Singapore.

For as little as USD5, a bride can find a graphic designer to design their wedding invitation cards. Or for as little as USD20, they can get a professional life video pieced together. Basically, wedding couples have at their disposal a large pool of professionals from around the world.

But, before you jump on the bandwagon and hire the first freelancer you find, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Plan ahead. Working with a freelancer based overseas takes time (and patience due to language). A good gauge is to double the amount of time so that you will not be stressed. 
  • Ask for References. What you read online may not be the full picture. Like any business, freelancers also carefully cultivate their own online profile for the purpose of sales. So if you are paying for a high-end gig, do ask for references.
  • You get what you pay for. There are many great freelancers online. You can find freelancers for as little as USD5, or one that charges in excess of USD1,000. So do calibrate your expectations based on how much you are paying.
  • Use a respectable gig platform. For simple gigs, use a respectable gig platform that will be a good source of freelancers, provide a payment gateway and also helps in dispute resolution. One of the best platforms that SG Wedding Guru has found is Fiverr

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