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Planning for a wedding in Singapore is not cheap!

The wedding banquet alone will set the couple back by as much as $30,000 and this does not include the cost of the bridal package, wedding day photography and videography, and miscellaneous costs like men's suits and evening gowns for the parents of the couple, tea dress for the bride and even the hongbao for the helpers on the day of the wedding. All-in-all, a "simple" wedding in Singapore will cost the couple an average of $40,000. Knowing how to stretch your wedding budget is thus important.

Based on our unique position as former "insiders" of Singapore's wedding industry,  SG Wedding Guru has written an eBook that will help wedding couples save thousands on their wedding packages. Our eBook will teach couples how and what to negotiate for when selecting a bridal package. By following our tips, couples will literally save thousands on their wedding.

In fact we are so confident that couples will save money using the tips in our eBook, we are offering a unique money back guarantee. If after buying our eBook, couples do not save at least 100 times the cost of the eBook, we will give them a full refund. No questions asked.
Best Wedding Packages Deal

Priced at an affordable SGD10, our eBook costs less than a wedding magazine. However unlike a wedding magazine, our eBook will put money in your pocket. To order, simply contact us via the contact form located at the right column of this page. We will then send you the purchase information. Everything is done online and via Interbank fund transfer for your convenience. In general, you will receive your eBook within hours of placing your order.

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